Research Interests

My research interests include Software Engineering, Programming language, Software Development, Image Processing, Big Data, Data Mining, Text Mining, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analysis, Bibliometrics, Electronic Medical Records, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Autism, Biotechnology and Gamification in Education.


I am part of the Visual Sketching project. The broad objective of the research is to make it easier for the developer to build quality software. The current research project involves the creation of a system that allows the developer to discover code fragments from images and thus promote the use of code already validated/tested. Details on the idea can be found in the position paper Visual Sketching (ICSE “New Ideas and Emerging Results” 2020).

I invite everyone to answer this FORM, which brings some questions whose answers will help me to assess the viability of this project.



Pedro Barros, Isadora Cardoso, Keila Barbosa, Alejandro Frery, Héctor Allende, Ivan Martins, Heitor S. Ramos. Identifying Communities in Social Media with Deep Learning. In: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), 2018, Las Vegas. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Social Computing and Social Media. Technologies and Analytics, 2018. v. 1. p. 171-182.


Marcelo Oliveira, Darlan Chrystian, Keila Barbosa. Speed-up the Image Retrieval of Lung Nodules in the BigData age. In: International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), Luxembourg. 2013. p. 494-498.


Categorization of Texts by Machine Learning

MSc. in Computational Modeling of Knowledge / 2017 - 2019

Institute of Computing of Federal University of Alagoas